Mom with Roots.
Alex Haley.
Guy at far right with no caption is David Sheff, who, Mom says, "did one of the last, if not the last, interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono for Playboy."
Jessica Mitford.
This caption per Mom: Aileen Hernandez, 2nd National President of NOW (and great friend still), long time buddy from KGOTV Jim Dunbar, Lee, the server, Genetta Sagan, the founder of Amnesty International, your dad, Denise Minnelli Hale.
Mom with the caption again: Burl Toller the first black referee in football history. [Three standing women]: Del Martin who along with her life long partner Phyllis Lyon pioneered the Lesbian movement in the 50's. They made recent history by becoming the first gay couple wed in SF, me, Marcia Brandwynne [a TV anchor], Sandol Stoddard, she wrote The Hospice Movement, a groundbreaking book, Daniel Ellsberg [author of The Pentagon Papers].
Betty Friedan, Mom, sculptor Ruth Azawa.